Monday, December 26, 2011


Planted in March total of 4 bulbs (Not more than 30 grams).
Harvested in December a lot (At least 400 grams)
Needs hot temperature, and soil which should be at least a feet deep. Doesnt need much care, and can be grown without any application of manure or fertilizer. Being a rhizome, it fixes air nitrogen into soil, and is a good choice for crop rotation.

I grew mine in a tin trunk (2.5 feet* 1.5 feet* 1 feet), along with karela, beans and okra. I must confess I got more that what I expected, The dark brown rhizome that you see in the image is the original bulb that was planted in March. I have left around 4-5 rhizomes which had plant coming out from them in the trunk, so that I could get the turmeric again next year. Wish me luck for next year :)