Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Growing Garlic

I must confess I am trying my luck here, this is still an on going experiment, the outcome will be there for all to see in 2-3 more months.

Getting Started. Making your own Seeds.

Well, seeds are nothing but individual garlic taken out from garlic bulb. It would be good to use ones which have small green stem leaf coming out.

Planting Garlic

I planted mine in Feb, and they are doing fine while we are currently into April first week. They could be planted all the year round.

Time Period

Garlic plant can grow to a height of 1 feet max. They just have one leaf, so mixing it with coriander makes very good sense. They are ready to harvest in 4-5 months when the leaves begin to dry.

Space Requirements

They should be planted around 10 cm away from each other to avoid congestion.


I water my garlic plants twice daily, and they dont seem to mind it.


Each garlic plant would product a onion sized garlic bulb which could easily contain 15-20 individual garlic. Some of these could be replanted, and remaining used for kitchen use.


Will update once I harvest them(expecting this July-August)


  1. Hello LAPETU,
    found your Garlic growing experience very Encouraging so will be trying it myself on my Terrace.